16-17 maart 2024 * HEINEKEN VIERKAMP 2024


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A couple of weeks ago you received a special invitation to the next edition of the Heineken Regatta in Amsterdam, which will take place on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of March 2024.

By means of this email, we want to let you know that the pre-registrations are now officially open until the 15th of December 2023. Since, for elite crews entry is guaranteed, filling in the pre-registration form is nothing more than a formal requirement. You can fill it out on our website through this link: https://roeivierkamp.com/pre-registration/

As stated before, the Heineken Regatta is an exceptional competition where you will be racing four distances (2500, 250, 5000, and 750 meters) over the course of a weekend. We would truly love to welcome you here and are willing to help you out with anything that stands in the way of coming to race in Amsterdam. 

We recognise that staying in Amsterdam for a weekend can be really expensive. Therefore, we have made deals with some local hotels and hostels which offer discount codes for all international rowers participating in the Heineken. Hopefully, this will make your stay more affordable and worthwhile.

The hotels for which we have discount codes include:

  • Olympic Hotel: 15% on current prices, which usually range from 50-80 euros per person per night (www.olympichotel.nl).
  • Volkshotel: 10% on current prices, which usually range from 50-85 euros per person per night (www.volkshotel.nl).

  • Social Hub (all locations in Amsterdam): 10% on current prices, which usually range from 70-100 euros per person per night (www.thesocialhub.co).

  • StayOkay (all locations in Amsterdam): discount on current prices, which usually range from 50-70 euros per person per night (www.stayokay.com).

Let me know if you want to have access to the specific discount codes. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Hope to see you in March!

Kind regards,
Isabel Bangma
International Crews Officer
Heineken Regatta 2024

Tel: +316 35314301








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